Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey Babes,

I am here to announce that I am no longer doing Pre-order Shoes from Taiwan anymore because the shoes take a very long time to reach Malaysia (4-6 weeks). The main reason is the quality of the shoes is moderate and I do not want to disappoint my customers. I am here to provide you babes quality and trendy shoes. Therefore, I made up my mind to set up PRE-ORDER SHOES IMPORTED FROM KOREA. You hear me gurlssss, K-O-R-E-A. A heaven for shopaholics and also paradise for the fashions from there. This time, it is strictly from KOREA. Not from Taiwan/China anymore! The shoes worth every penny you pay! Babes, rest assured that the quality will be wayyyy better than the previous batch! Here are the ADVANTAGES of doing Pre-order Shoes From Korea.

1) Takes only 1-2 WEEKS to arrive to Malaysia. Need not to wait overrr a Monthhhhh long
2) Quality assured
3) Couldn't get it in Malaysia
4) Most important thing, U-N-I-Q-U-E
5) Will be a lil pricey due to the shipping fee, but the quality is good!

Therefore, I realy hope you girls will give your full support. Stay tuneeeee for the newwww update on the shoes! :)


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